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The world of finance can be a scary place at first, but we’re here to help make sense of it all. We’ll teach you the concepts you need to feel confident investing on your own.

Our education sessions are great for any occasion: school clubs, office events, case competitions.

  • Tailored to any group size
  • No prior experience required
  • Offered either virtually or in-person
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In order to buy and sell stocks, you’ll have to open a trading account first. Opening your own account is a big deal, so we help make sure it all goes smoothly.

For just $10, you can get all of the following:

  • 30-minute live setup assistance
  • $10 referral credit deposited into your account
  • Trade with no commissions and no account minimums
Excited to open your investment account? Rightfully so! We look forward to helping you take one step closer to financial freedom.
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"They start with the very basics and help build your knowledge step by step."
Mikayla Daniels
Actuarial Science Student


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